A Complete Guide To Bubbly Pool in Jost Van Dyke

The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke (JVD) is an absolute must while chartering a yacht or staying in one of the many wonderful hotels and villas in the BVI. This magical little spot is like nowhere else in the Territory, with its unique tranquil pool that gets bombarded with foamy bubbles when the north swell is up. 

Bubbly Pool

For both kids and adults alike, the easy 10-15 min walk is a great activity for the whole gang and should be on everyone’s to do list! Keep reading to learn more about Bubbly Pool as this is a “don’t miss” spot on the islands.

Where Is Bubbly Pool?

Located on the northeast corner of the island, Bubbly Pool is a remarkable hidden gem that is easily accessible by land or sea. As you can’t drive a car or boat directly to the pool, the key to finding the start of the trail is getting to Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant, which is not to be confused with Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Harbor. 

Taboo is another location that is run by one of the families located in the Diamond Cay area of Jost Van Dyke. With lots of parking and a dock for dinghy access, Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant also has a fantastic gift shop and some of the best food around. My favorite is the shrimp kabob with sweet chili dressing, washed down with a Dark and Stormy cocktail.  

A lot of people choose to have lunch here first and then walk it off with a trip to the pool afterward, while others like to do it in reverse. I personally like to go have an amazing adventure with my group and then relax at Foxy’s Taboo in the cool shade as I sip a cold frozen drink. I know, I know, sounds like heaven, right? That’s because it is!

Bubbly Pool

What To Bring

Like any activity on holiday, there are a few items to pack with you to make for a more enjoyable day out. Since The Bubbly Pool is a short hike followed by a swim, make sure you pack a towel and maybe a change of clothes if you are one who doesn’t like to air dry. 

Sunscreen is a must, as is water. Try and make sure everyone has enough water as there aren’t any facilities at the Bubbly Pool. That being said, it’s always a good idea to use the restroom at the restaurant before you start the hike. Flip flops or water shoes are preferred over sneakers as you do have to wade through a small wet area, and nobody likes wet shoes! 

Bubbly Pool sign

Most importantly, don’t forget your camera! The photos of the pool don’t really do it justice, but you’ll want to have a few shots of this incredible spot to show the folks back home.

How To Hike To Bubbly Pool

Head out of the gate in the northwest corner of Foxy’s Taboo yard and follow the well-worn path up the road, keeping the old bakery building to your left. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll usually find a small section of water that connects the salt pond on your left to the sea on your right which you’ll have to wade through. 

This may not be present in the dry season of spring and summer but best to plan accordingly. Keep following the footprints in the sand towards the small hill in front of you. Once at the base of the small hill, you’ll see a couple of ropes to help you up if needed. Be careful on this section as there’s a lot of loose dirt, so mind your footing. 

Once up, follow the trail to the left, weaving through the Turks Head cactuses. If you see a small, pink fruit growing out of the tops of the cactus, feel free to eat one as they’re totally safe, albeit not very flavorful.

Past the cactus, you’ll see a sign on a tree reading “Poisonous”. This is to let you know that this is a Manchineel Tree. Do not eat any of its fruits as they are quite poisonous. Also, avoid touching its bark and then rubbing your eyes, and do not stand underneath one of these in the rain as the toxins can wash onto your skin, causing a burning sensation. 

Bubbly Pool rocks

Just beyond the Manchineel, you’ll start to get your first glimpse of the “Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, the oasis that is known as The Bubby Pool. Find yourself a nice spot under the sea grape tree to drop your bag, kick off your flops, and head in for a dip. Remember to watch your footing as some of the wet rocks can be slippery. 

You’ll notice a fair amount of little rock towers built on the small cliffs above, made by previous adventurers while taking in the bird’s eye view from up top. Follow in their footsteps, or find your own vantage point to build one of your own to add to the magic of the place. 

By now, you’ll most likely be entranced while watching the swells pound the rock on the other side of the pool sending the waves flying high into the air. It always feels like the waves are going to come right over the rocks and land directly in the middle of the pool, but, as always, the rocks absorb all that energy and filter through all the foam and bubbles, making it into the natural hot tub that it is. This is what makes The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke one of the top attractions in the British Virgin Islands.

Getting Back

Once you’ve had your fill of basking in the pool and watching the waves, just retrace your steps to return to Foxy’s Taboo for a well-deserved drink. The fantastic staff there are used to helping tourists looking to cool down, so my recommendation would be to put yourself in their good hands and enjoy.


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