Spring Bay (Virgin Gorda)

Spring Bay

Get ready to explore the good life at Spring Bay, located on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Here, you have the opportunity to wiggle your toes in pure white sand and swim through crystal-clear turquoise waters! 

The large boulders on either end of the beach create a natural block for the wind and temper the surf coming into the bay. This makes Spring Bay Beach a quiet, relaxing, and just all-around spectacular spot to spend a day.

Where Is Spring Bay? 

Spring Bay National Park is located in Spanish Town, which is one of the most bustling places on Virgin Gorda. It’s located on the southern end of the island.

Spring Bay

Not that it’s particularly bustling, as island time is a real thing! But you can find everything you need in town, from car rentals to supermarkets and more. If you’re staying near the middle of Virgin Gorda, you can expect a 15-25 minute car drive.

Virgin Gorda has a small international airport with limited flights. There are direct flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico, that is well-connected with the mainland US via Florida. Alternatively, 

Spanish Town also has a ferry port with ships from Tortola and St. Thomas from the US Virgin Islands. 

Facilities & Parking at Spring Bay

There are limited facilities available at Spring Bay Beach. You’ll find picnic tables, a grill, and some shade given by the sea-grape trees scattered along the narrow expanse of shoreline. 

Otherwise you’ll need to bring your own food, drinks, umbrellas, and whatever else you might need for your day at the beach. 

Spring Bay is classified as a national park, so make sure you take care of the beautiful natural surroundings for future visitors! 

Spring Bay Aerial

Activities at Spring Bay

Because the surf at Spring Bay isn’t as strong as elsewhere in the British Virgin Islands, it’s a great place for swimming or snorkeling at most experience levels. There is a small area just off-shore at Spring Bay known locally as the Crawl. 

This section of water, which is enclosed by a circle of boulders, is home to plenty of fish, stingrays, sea turtles, and other sea creatures that thrive in the calmer waters.

It’s far from the only natural swimming pool in the area, though. Follow the primitive trail toward Valley Trunk Bay and you’ll find additional pools scattered along the way. 

If you’re looking for a secluded spot to soak in the beauty of your surroundings, these pools can’t be beaten! Visitors can expect warm Caribbean water, so no need to feel cold while swimming. 

Nearby Attractions 

The Baths Beach, one of the most well-known spots in the British Virgin Islands, is a short distance away from Spring Bay along the same road. Like Spring Bay, it has National Park status since The Baths fall into Devil’s Bay National Park.

You can be assured of its scenic surroundings. However, The Baths can be substantially busier than Spring Bay. During high season, you may even find multiple tour buses in the parking area. 

That said, snorkeling at this spot is fantastic, with plenty of unique rock formations and caves for you to explore. Due to its popularity, you will need to pay a nominal entrance fee for use. 

Nearby Accommodations 

Your closest accommodation to Spring Beach is the Guavaberry Spring Bay, which is home to villas located a short walk from the beachfront. 

If you’re looking for luxury that includes private pools, A/C, and more, then this is the place to be! Also close by is the Sandy Bottom Villa, a slightly more moderate spot that still affords you plenty of privacy and proximity to the beach. 

If you’re traveling on a budget, you can find plenty of options for AirBnBs and other home rentals nearby at a variety of price levels. 

Whatever you’re looking for, Spring Bay is the perfect island adventure spot for you! 

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