Myetts Garden Inn

My husband (Neil) and I (Nikki) have traveled to Tortola, BVI, for over 25 years. Recently we went back and stayed at the Myett’s Garden Inn. This time it was just the two of us for the first time in over 20 years!

We have always stayed in the same villa every time we went down. We wanted to make this trip completely different, from accommodations to restaurants we have never been to, to seeing islands we have never seen. 

Every time we vacation in the British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay is always a must. We never miss going out to this beautiful beach. Over the years we watched many restaurants and hotels develop from small bars into beautiful inns and hotels and Myett’s Restaurant & Hotel was one of them.

We met the owners of Myetts (Val and Kareem) one year and they were so friendly and welcoming. So much so that we decided that on our next trip alone we wanted to stay here, and so we did. Here is an honest review of our experience at Myetts. 

Myetts Garden Inn
Courtesy of the Anegada Beach Club website

How To Get To Myetts

To get to Myetts, we took a direct flight to the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas, USVI. We then took a ferry out from the Red Hook area into Tortola. We rented a car for the week from Jerry’s.

It’s right down the street from the dock and since they knew we were coming in, they picked us up from there. Once we had our jeep, we drove to Myetts which was about a 15-minute drive. Roads are steep in Tortola and you drive on the left here.

Rooms At Myetts

Staying at Myetts is definitely a different experience yet feels familiar at the same time. We always rent a car for the entire stay of our vacation. Driving the mountainous roads into Cane Garden Bay and seeing the bay from atop never fails to amaze me. 

Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were brought to our room which was said to be their best room. It overlooked the beach and gave clear views of the sunset and rainbows (see photo down below). The room was nice, although there was no TV. That did not matter to us, but some may enjoy having one. The accommodations were clean, and the bed was actually quite comfortable. 

Myetts Room View

Facilities & Entertainment

There is always live music playing at night, so if you’re an early bird, know that all is quiet by 10 pm. The only real drawback to staying in this particular room was that it was right above the kitchen. The smell of food was strong at times though it never infiltrated the room. The deck had a slightly obscured view due to the exhaust hood. 

Again, this did not bother us as we were not there to hang out on the deck of our room all day. The inn offers the Myetts Sea Spa but we did not take advantage of that service. There is just too much to see and do on the island. However, if you’re interested, they offer massages, facials, pedicures, and several other spa services. 

We did eat at the Myetts restaurant though only once on the night of our arrival and the food was good. We were 2 out of 6 people eating there that night. It was very quiet overall. Kareem had a fire pit going and live music was playing. 

Beach At Myetts

Cane Garden Bay

Every beach in the British Virgin Islands is beautiful and each one brings something amazing to our senses. Stepping out of Myetts onto the beach appeals to all of them. The thing that stands out the most is seeing the sunsets. You won’t ever get tired of hearing the gentle waves in Cane Garden Bay as the sun slips under the horizon. We often found Kareem on the beach lighting a fire at sunset, live music every night, and the smell of rum in the evening breeze. 

As for the water, it’s typically very calm. There are many boats that come into Cane Garden Bay but the boats aren’t allowed past the markers. So this makes it a safe place to swim in. Most mornings I would go out and swim and felt perfectly safe.

There is not much snorkeling there though. You see an occasional fish or sting ray but the beach is not known for its snorkeling. You will find rentals for paddle boards and kayaks on the beach.

Myetts is right on the beach and kinda tucked in the palm trees though the rooms are upstairs above the restaurant kitchen area. There are always chairs to sit on but when ferries come into Road Town, it does get crowded.

Restaurants Near Myetts

Outside of the Myetts restaurant are several other restaurants for lunch or dinner. We made reservations for our last night at the Indigo House, less than a 5-minute walk from the room. It did not disappoint, and I recommend you visit before sunset to enjoy the view. 

View from Indigo House

Cane Garden Bay is a tourist drop-off for the cruise ships that come into Road Town. It can get very busy and not as quiet as some might be looking for. For us, we would leave the area for the day, and by late afternoon all was quiet again.

My best recommendation if you’re staying at Myetts is to grab a drink and sit on the beach as the sun sets and feel the sand between your toes while embracing the warm breeze and listening to the gentle waves. Be mindful of it all because before you know it, you will be back home wishing for this exact moment again. 

Every day we would venture out in our rental jeep to check out another part of Tortola. It is such a safe island that you need to take a drive and experience the island in its entirety. You may often see local people asking you for a ride to the top of the road. In exchange, they share some places to go and see that you may have never known about otherwise. We always felt safe and so welcomed in Tortola. 

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