Savannah Bay (Virgin Gorda)

Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is a remote white sand beach that’s located on the eastern side of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It’s almost directly halfway between Gorda Peak National Park in the north and Spanish Town in the south. 

The beach is fairly narrow but runs the entire one-mile length of the bay. Unlike more popular beaches in the south, like Spring Bay, Savannah Bay’s landscape has very few stones. Although it is surrounded by massive boulders.  

Because of its secluded location, you’ll often find yourself completely alone to swim, rest, and enjoy the view. What’s more, its crystal clear water and predictable winds make it an ideal spot to snorkel, kitesurf, and windsurf. 

How to Get to Savannah Bay

You can access Savannah Bay beach by turning onto the beach road that branches off North Sound Road. A blue sign indicates the junction. 

Be advised that the beach road is unpaved, so you’ll need to drive carefully. That said, you don’t need a 4×4 to navigate the path and any car can make the trip. However, if you’re getting a rental car it’s worth asking for a 4×4 since Jeeps are pretty common on the island.  

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Facilities and Parking at Savannah Bay 

The beach road ends in a small parking area overlooking the ocean. There is enough room for a couple of cars, so arrive early enough to get a parking spot. Unless you’re visiting on a busy weekend, you more than likely won’t have any issues with parking.  

The facilities at Savannah Bay are pretty minimal. The real draw of this beach is its remote location, so don’t come here expecting a full-service beach experience. No restrooms or showers are available either, so plan accordingly.  

The vegetated areas overlooking the beach feature two wooden platforms adorned with umbrellas. Apart from that, there aren’t any trees, so don’t expect much of any shade. 

Savannah Bay

Activities at Savannah Bay

There aren’t any organized water activities at Savannah Bay. However, it’s an excellent spot for swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing, and windsurfing if you bring your own gear. 

Swimming here is great for several reasons. For one, you’re likely to have the water all to yourself. On top of that, Savannah Bay is protected by a coral reef, meaning the water is calm and safe for swimmers of all abilities. 

In terms of snorkeling, the water is crystal clear and shallow, so you’ll have no trouble seeing tropical fish like barracuda, parrotfish, jacks, snappers, and more. Plus, all the colorful coral. 

If watersports are more your speed, then Savannah Bay’s frequent northeasterly winds make catching a wave super easy. 

Nearby Accommodations

To the north of Savannah Bay, near Mahoe Bay, is the Mango Bay Resort. This three-star hotel is located on four acres of private beachfront property and has its own swimming pool. 

Heading south, there’s the five-star Rosewood Little Dix Bay, an exclusive resort complete with a half-mile pristine beach, tennis courts, outdoor pavilions for dining, and a spa. If you’re looking for luxury, this is one of the best accommodations in Virgin Gorda. 

Not far from the Rosewood is Virgin Gorda Village, with spacious condos for families.

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