Best Tours & Excursions In The BVI’s Worth The Money

Make your dream trip to the British Virgin Islands even better by booking a tour or excursion to guide you to some of the must-see sights. 

It’s an amazing way to spend a day or two and leave the details to the tour guides as you enjoy yourself. You’ll find no shortage of tours in the BVI’s, so take some of the guesswork out and choose from these hand-picked selections. 

Whether you’re looking for a full day in the water snorkeling, a sunset experience like no other, or a day spent hiking through the wilderness, you can find an excursion in the British Virgin Islands for all occasions.

Kayaking In The Beef Island Lagoon

Hop on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak for this unique tour of the Mangrove forests of Beef Island. Over the course of an hour and a half, travelers learn all about the Mangrove forests and how they protect the youngest and most fragile ocean wildlife.

You’ll be guided by local professionals who will help you spot the baby sharks, stingrays, and turtles. As part of the tour, you also get to go on land and go ashore on a coral atoll just off the shore of Beef Island, providing a unique view of the shoreline.

Kayaking BVI

The tour meets up at Road Town before heading over to Beef Island. This central location makes the tour an ideal way to spend a couple of hours while your cruise ship has stopped or if you’re visiting the islands for a few days. 

All equipment and basic training are included with the excursion. Be sure to take advantage of the guide’s wealth of information by asking questions.

Explore Famous Bays in the BVI’s

Enjoy several major sites of the British Virgin Islands with this private guided tour of Tortola. Highlights include Trellis Bay, Brewers Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Callwood Distillery, Carrot Bay, and Apple Bay. 

If you’d like to hit them all, just make half a day of it, and you’ll get to see so much more along the way. Or you can stop for a spell and hit the beach for a swim at several of these spots, it’s all up to you.

Cane Garden Bay
Cane Garden Bay

The tour features a fully customizable itinerary that can be molded to fit your schedule and can take anywhere between one and three hours depending on how many places you want to see. 

This lets you see some of the best sceneries in a short amount of time if you aren’t spending too much time on Tortola and want to be efficient with your time. They provide a lot of value while showing you some of the more famous beaches across the British Virgin Islands.

There is a stop for lunch and drinks anywhere along the route, but these are not included in the price of admission. Ask your friendly guide where the best place to stop for refreshments is, and they can steer you in the right direction. Pickup and drop-off from anywhere across the island are included.

Hiking The Mount Healthy National Park

Tortola is home to several national parks and this tour takes you on a guided hike through Mount Healthy. The hike reaches the top of Mount Healthy and offers spectacular coastal views as you make your way to the peak through rainforests. 

You’ll visit natural springs and get the chance to try your hand at catching crayfish as well as observing any and all wildlife that you should happen to discover on your trip.

Guests are offered fresh lemonade, oranges, and cold towels for refreshment. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring along any items you might need, like sunscreen and bottled water.

Meet up with the tour group directly at the entrance to Mount Healthy or request a pickup from the port at Road Town. This is a truly private excursion that lasts two and a half hours and only includes members of your party. It’s a great way to spend a day exploring Tortola. 

Scuba Diving With Sunchasers Scuba

Sunchaser Scuba is a popular British Virgin Islands tour company that can take you to the best underwater sights around the Caribbean. They have two dozen distinct scuba diving hotspots where you can see shipwrecks, coral cities teeming with life, and hidden caves and grottos where you’ll discover entire worlds of sea creatures.

If you are new to scuba diving and want to take lessons, Sunchaser’s offers an introductory course that allows you to join in on dives to a depth of 40 feet. This gives you access to many of the locations on their list.

Sunchasers Scuba

Guests are always accompanied by trained instructors to help them along the whole way and ensure their safety. All the dive sites are conveniently located anywhere between a 15-45 minute boat ride from Sunchaser Scuba’s shop, so you’re never too far from shore.

You can find Sunchaser’s Scuba at their home on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, conveniently located at the Bitter End Yacht Club. 

Make Pottery With Local Artists

Switch things up and enjoy getting your hands dirty while learning pottery with a local ceramic artist. You’ll get a hands-on learning experience from your guide and learn a little about the history of the art form on the island of Tortola. 

It’s a great option for couples and small family groups looking for something unique and fun to do while they have a day on the island.

Pottery BVI

All necessary equipment and tools are provided, as well as bottled water for your refreshment. Air-conditioned shuttle transportation to and from your accommodations is also included as a part of the ticket. 

Travelers will have the opportunity to craft their own pieces and take them home. Think of it as a way to build your very own souvenir from locally sourced materials, a fusion of your effort and thoughtful local instruction. In addition, you can always purchase pieces crafted by the local artisans and support their work.

Sunset Cruise by Daytrips BVI

Daytrips BVI offers a 2-hour Sunset Cruise that highlights the incredible sunsets on display around the west end of Tortola. All aboard the good ship Irie, and you’re off with a small group of guests to bask in the fading glow over the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

The cruise includes a two-hour boat ride, complete with champagne and snacks to nibble on, a little swimming or snorkeling if desired, and a trained crew that will guide you safely out and back. 

Daytrips BVI Cruise

Guests can find spectacular views along the journey. All fuel surcharges as well as necessary permits and park fees are included with your price of admission so you can rest easy and simply enjoy yourself.

Daytrips BVI is conveniently located in Sopers Hole Marina, close to ferry terminals, shopping, restaurants, and bars. This cruise is just one of many experiences they offer and you can also choose from snorkeling trips, private scuba dives, and island tours. They’re a full-service boat charter that can customize any sort of excursion.

Visit The Hidden Treasures of Tortola

Designed for cruise passengers who want something to do for half a day, this tour takes you to several of the main attractions on Tortola. Visitors are picked up at the port on time depending on when your ship lands, and returned with plenty of time to spare.

The views are the main attraction, as you’ll find your way to Fahie Hill and Mount Healthy National Park, both of which provide a panoramic sight of the island. Then, you head to the pinnacle of Tortola and enjoy a complimentary cocktail atop Sage Mountain as you take in the incredible scenery in every direction.

It’s the perfect tour for travelers who want to get the most out of a few short hours on Tortola. Just be ready to want to stay for longer after this. Although it’s catered to cruise passengers, it can be booked by anyone who wants to enjoy a lot of bang for their buck.

Tour The Baths and White Bay

If you’re visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands but still want to head over to the British Virgin Islands, this is the way. The tour departs from the east end of St. Thomas.

One thing you can’t do is visit the BVI’s without making a stop at The Baths in Virgin Gorda. This full-day tour also makes a stop at White Bay. The Baths is one of the most stunning sights with its pile of giant smooth boulders that seem to have been tossed and landed between the sandy shore and blue waters off of the southern edge of Virgin Gorda.

The Baths
The Baths

Included is a full day’s worth of snacks and beverages, plus alcohol, giving you the chance to kick back in paradise with a cold one or three. You can use any of their gear when you jump in the water and go snorkeling at the Baths. It’s by far the best way to explore this one-of-a-kind phenomenon.

While near The Baths, visitors also get the chance to visit Devil’s Bay National Park and go on a nice hike, enjoying the view of the surrounding beaches and boulders.

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