White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)

Located on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, you’ll truly feel like you’ve found paradise here. 

White Bay is one of the most popular spots on the island. But despite how busy the beach can get (or how rowdy its bars can get), it’s still a place of pristine white sands and clear blue waters with incredible activities to suit every interest. 

White Bay

How To Get To White Bay

White Bay is located on the south side of Jost Van Dyke, just west of the ferry port. It’s a well-known spot for yachts and boats to dock. But if you aren’t sailing your way through the British Virgin Islands, ferries arrive regularly from either St John or West End on Tortola. 

Since your closest airport options are on either St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands to the west or Tortola to the east, it does take a little work to get to Jost Van Dyke. However, as soon as you step off the ferry and make your way to White Bay, it’s a scenic experience. 

Jost Van Dyke is a fairly easy island to navigate. If you choose to walk, it’s only about a half-hour stroll from the ferry to White Bay Beach, although we would highly recommend getting a taxi. In fact, the whole island is only about four miles from end to end.

However, there are also a couple of jeep and car rental companies if you want to drive yourself, or you can always hire a small boat and dock at various points around the island. 

Facilities At White Bay

There aren’t many beaches in the British Virgin Islands with such vibrant beach bar culture. There are bars scattered along the beach, with their own collection of loungers and hammocks. 

White bay water and boats

Facilities are plentiful, with bathrooms and washrooms available. You can also make use of the shady spots when the sun gets too bright, as there are rows of palm trees along the shoreline and beach umbrellas you can rent.  

The most famous bar along the beach is no doubt the Soggy Dollar bar, whose signature cocktail known as the “Painkiller” is the go-to drink for many Caribbean vacationers. 

Although you’ll find plenty of imitation recipes for this tropical rum cocktail online, the real proportions are secret, so be sure to try the original! The Soggy Dollar Bar is one of the most popular bars in all of the British Virgin Islands, so expect a crowd. 

But there are a number of other well-known bars and restaurants along the beach as well. If you’re looking for a party, you’re sure to find it when the crowds show up.

If you’re looking for something quieter, there are plenty of quieter spots to discover. Try the lobster quesadilla at the One Love Bar & Grill or some fish tacos at the Coco Loco. 

Activities & Attractions Near White Bay

There is plenty more to do at White Bay than just sit on your beach chair or tackle the string of beach bars for the best cocktail you can find. 

You can go kayaking or paddle boarding or go snorkeling for some tarpon. There is even scuba diving offered around here. Just don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of sailing boats on the water since the coast is always filled with them. 

You’ll need to head into nearby Belle Vue to book most excursions (or check with your hotel) since there isn’t any sort of dive shop or tour operation on the beach. However, it’s possible to book everything, including fishing charters, sailing, and scuba diving.

There’s plenty more to do on Jost Van Dyke, though! You’ll definitely want to hike out to the Bubbly Pool. The hike starts a little way east of the parking lot behind Foxy’s Taboo, which is another great spot to check out for a bite to eat or enjoy live music.

The trail edges through the trees, but it’s a pretty easy hike and well-marked. At the end, you’ll find natural pools that fill up with the tide. Because the ocean filters in between the rocks, it ends up full of bubbles and feels like a private jacuzzi. 

If you need a break from the crowds at White Bay, head out to Sandy Cay. You’ll need a boat to get there, but dinghies are easy to rent on this British Virgin Island. Sandy Cay has similar lovely beach vibes that you get at White Bay Beach, but it’s quieter and can be a big change of pace. 

Or get yourself over to Diamond Cay, a prime bird-watching spot that is frequently host to pelicans and boobies. 

Nearby Accommodations

If visiting White Bay Beach for a day trip isn’t enough for you, look into staying the night at one of the beach-adjacent properties! There are plenty of spots that are perfect for anything from couples’ retreats to family-friendly vacation rentals. 

One of our favorite nearby spots is The Hideout, which offers 7 luxurious villas with indoor and outdoor living spaces that are located either directly beachfront or hillside with ocean views.

Hendo’s Hideout, the on-site, open-air restaurant, can’t be missed whether you’re staying at the hotel or not. Its fresh local food, and especially its delicious brunch options like lobster benedict, are frequently found to be some of the best ones on the island. 

You can also check out the White Bay Villas, which are perched above White Bay beach and offer stunning views of the bay and beyond. These 20 standalone villas come complete with air conditioning, wifi, and kitchens, and the property rents out snorkel gear and other equipment to make your vacation a total breeze. 

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